Thursday, April 27, 2017

Gatsby Chapter 6

If Gatsby and Daisy are still talking and seeing each other, what effect will their relationship have on Tom and Daisy's Marriage? Also, how will the media interfere with her affair? I think that the background on Gatsby life really helps the reader develop a better understanding of his character. Because he was restricted from wealth and the money from the sailer, he was given desperation which led to him being very successful. Is there some symbolism behind Tom being at Gatsby's house and then going to the party when he is not interested? Daisy does not have a good time at the party which shows her not living up to Gatsby expectations. Now that he has Daisy, will things go back to the way they were?

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Gatsby Chapter 5

When Nick comes home, is Gatsby waiting for him before he startles him in the yard? And because Gatsby does not know how to appeal to Nick and his desires, he seems uncomfortable and nervous. Why does Nick agree to invite Daisy over and why does he refuse all of the gifts Gatsby offers? Is there a significance of Gatsby knocking over the clock? It could refer to how time is not a factor to him. When Gatsby and Daisy are happy, he starts to show her his house. She is attracted and amazed by all of his luxuries and he tells her about how he has been waiting for her. Gatsby has idealized Daisy as being perfect but what will happen if Daisy can not live up to his unrealistic expectations?

Gatsby Chapter 3

When Nick gets to the party, how is everyone else invited and why are there so many diverse rumors about Gatsby? I am also wondering why he is not present or in sight at his own party. When Nick and Jordan finally find Gatsby, why is it that Nick does not recognize them if they served in the same squadron for the war? Gatsby does not drink or socialize at his parties. I think that he holds these parties strictly for his guests so that he has a new reputation rather than the horrible rumors about him. His daily life is fairly humdrum and regular. He clearly glorifies honesty and is untrustworthy of others to be dependent. But one question was never answered. Why does Gatsby hold all of these luxurious parties?

Gatsby Chapter 2

In reality, what do the large eyes and the valley of ashes represent? Does the valley of ashes symbolize the working class of America and the social classes division? There seems to be little wealth in this area and it is inconveniently located between the West egg and New York City. I am not sure what the eyes symbolize. They could symbolize the all knowing figure in a society. When Tom picks up Mertle in the valley, the book describes her as very lively which could be a reason why he is attracted to her. When they get to the apartment, Nick says that it is the second time he has ever gotten drunk but he is not fitting into the scene very well. He keeps trying to leave but is pulled back in by the scene. At first I was wondering if Tom still loved Daisy because of his affair but his feelings become very clear when he breaks Mertles nose after she taunts him with Daisy's name.

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Modernism Paintings

The Beautiful Season:
There is some sort of animal. maybe a mix of animals with many bright colors. There is snow on the ground and green all over its body. Its feet appear to be connected to the ground and growing like grass.

House by the railroad:
There is a white, skinny, tall house with a black roof next to the railroad. There are pillars and a lot of windows around the house. It is disturbing how tall and skinny the house is and how it appears to be on top of the railroad

The Artist and his Wife:
There is a man dressed in all purple standing next to his wife who is wearing a lighter shade of people. The couple is not touching and the wife looks very mad.

The Goldfish:

There is a gold fish in the middle and all of the other fish are swimming away. It is not realistic but gives a type of illusional image to it.

Modern art tends to be unrealistic and it is attempting to achieve a deeper meaning and mystery

The Great Gatsby relates to modernism because it is the rejection of all and gatsby rejects all of the people.

Modernism is something that is seen disturbing and therefore rejected by all.

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Chapters 21-23

Why would ruth make the promise with Dee-dee if she knew that there was no future or opportunity for her there? It is also very interesting how religiously based Tateh is even when it considers his daughter. Her mothers death must have had a big effect on her because her mother was always there for her. What makes james think of finding the synagogue rather than Ruth's family? After talking to the new store owner, when he goes down to the river, he becomes very sad and lonely. This is the second time he has visited the river so is there some type of symbolism to this? Also, he has a new appreciation for his grandma. When Ruth becomes a christian and dates dennis, it is opposing all of the teachings that her father had taught her which will create tension. When Dennis dies, Ruth is set into complete desperation and keeps asking around for help. I think it is symbolic that Dee-Dee shuts her down because she broke her promise to come home. When she meets hunter, he is seen by James as a father figure and never knew his real dad.

Chapters 18-20 The Color of Water

After they move to deleware, do you think that James' increasing interest with music will contribute to his future? Also, it seems like Ruth feels pretty ambivalent about him leaving to college. She is happy that he is pursuing his dreams but she is losing the special and close connection that they had. Why is this chapter called the promise? Does it have to do with the promises Ruth made when she was younger that she has not followed through with? Also, how has Tateh's affair shaped Ruth's life and her perspective on him? I think that the promise was when Ruth promised her little sister that she would come back but never did. James is traveling to the south to find out more about his mother and her identity but also to learn more about himself and his culture. When he asks about old man Shilsky, he keeps laughing and explains that he did not treat people kindly which leaves james with nowhere to go.